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What is leverage ?

Leverage is a fundamental concept that has transformed the landscape of trading. It allows traders to boost their buying power with a relatively smaller amount of capital. It is like the concept of a loan and leverage is the borrowed capital. Leverage is usually in expressed in ratios such as 1:200, which means that your buying power is increased by 200 times.

Why trade with leverage ?

With leverage, it allows traders to open orders of much larger volumes than they would otherwise be able to. While leverage can amplify traders’ potential profits, it can also amplify losses.
At DLS Markets, we offer different leverage options for different account types to suit our clients’ trading and investment needs* with flexible leverage options of up to 1:1000** on our ECN Account for currency pairs and Gold.

Instrument type
ECN Account
Leverage offered
Standard Account
Leverage offered
Major and minor currency pairs 1:1000 1:500
Gold 1:1000 1:500
Silver 1:200 1:100
Oil*** 1:500 1:100
Indices*** 1:500 1:100

How to calculate the margin needed with different leverage ?

Formula: Lot size * contract size * price /leverage ratio

  • Instrument type1 1 lot of EURUSD at 1.10235
  • 1:1000 leverage 1*100000*1.10235/1000
  • Margin needed $110.24
  • 1:500 leverage 1*100000*1.10235/500
  • Margin needed $220.47
  • Instrument type2 1 lot of XAUUSD at 1919.38580
  • 1:1000 leverage 1*100*1919.38580/1000
  • Margin needed $191.94
  • 1:500 leverage 1*100*1919.38580/500
  • Margin needed $383.88


*Leverage of up to 1:1000 on currency pairs and Gold are only available for DLS Markets’ clients with ECN account and capital of less than $2,000.
**Should a client’s account equity is greater than $2,000, our system will automatically reduce the leverage ratio on the client’s new orders, and existing open orders with 1:1000 leverage will not be affected.
***Leverage for Oil and Indices are fixed leverage, clients are unable to change the leverage setting.

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